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Product testing – best practice

Product testing can provide you with valuable insights throughout the entire lifecycle of your product so it’s so important that you get the fundamentals right… First things first, you need to fully understand the purpose and objective of your product testing. This will ensure that you get all your questions answered and will just generally…

Allergen claims

By the end of this post you should know… What the 14 main allergens are  How to write them correctly on your label  — It’s a legal requirement for you to tell your customers if any of your food products contain any of the main 14 allergens as an ingredient. The 14 allergens are: celery…

Breaking invisible rules – the easiest way to stand out

Young Foodies Associate and brand strategist Alex has taken to the keyboard to share his view on breaking invisible rules and the easiest way to stand out… Nobody likes to think of themselves as a follower.  A sheep. As someone who slavishly adheres to the rules and behaviours set by everyone else.  A herd animal,…

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